Our Story

Rachel: Garrett and I met on a blind date in June 2013. Exactly one year later we went on our second date, and that’s when we really started to connect. We would go on to spend every Monday night after that going on walks and talking about our lives. He really started to win me over with his calm nature, his integrity, and his emotional strength. We started dating in September, and our relationship only strengthened from there. I have been consistently encouraged by the honesty we share, the compatibility we have, and the love we’ve grown.

Garrett: From that blind date through now, I’ve been constantly amazed at how giving and considerate Rachel is. But even more important, she is so emotionally mature, in-tune, and understanding. From the start I’ve been excited about how we have so much potential to be perfectly complimentary to each other. And that’s something I’ve seen constantly throughout our relationship. There are things we’re similar in, like our temperament, moral compass, and introversion. But there are also plenty of ways we’re different that allow us to really complement each other. I can’t wait to see how those similarities and differences impact our future together and I’m so excited to spend my life with truly the perfect companion for me.