The Bridesmaids

I’m really proud of the friendships I have in this life. With many, we’ve persisted through stages of life and miles apart, always keeping close communication. I greatly appreciate the consistency of these women, along with their desire to love me so genuinely.


Laine Williams

I’m not so sure I believe in soulmates, but my friendship with Laine probably makes the most compelling argument for them. We went to CU together, and over the course of a few years discovered the uniqueness and wonderfulness of our connection to each other. I can say anything to Laine. Like, really anything at all. There is the greatest freedom in our friendship, one that we’ve fought for over the years. We can appreciate the other’s perspective without being threatened, accept the other’s emotions without being overwhelmed, and trust the other’s opinion without feeling obligation. Laine is deeply loving, incredibly intelligent, and has the sharpest wit (which is really my favorite thing of all). I love that she can stand next to me at the start of this huge adventure.


Miyoko Williams

I’ve known Miyoko for quite a while, but our friendship truly began about four years ago. To say our friendship has surprised and delighted me wouldn’t even do justice for a relationship that has, by all accounts, made me a better woman. Miyoko is a woman easy to love and trust, and she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. She is equal parts genuine and joyful, and I am emboldened by each through every interaction with her. She believes in me so much, sometimes more than I believe in myself. Also, we both think the other one is really funny, so that mutual appreciation really makes us feel awesome :).


Leena Howard

We started as best friends and soon became sisters-in-law. I truly believe we would be friends no matter what, but the sister bond has brought us so much closer than we could’ve ever been. Seeing the way she cares for my brother brings me so much joy and peace. And spending time with them together is the best of both my worlds. Leena fights for her relationships, loves without reservation, and doles out tested wisdom to me. She has never shied away from asking me the hard questions, loving me genuinely all the way through. Ever since college, we’ve loved talking fashion and relationships, and as we got older those conversations have only grown richer and far more interesting :).


Paige Chisholm

When Paige and I were both bridesmaids in Joe and Leena’s wedding, we started a friendship that would last over both the miles and the years. She is one of the easiest people to talk to, and she’s incredibly good-natured. Paige communicates so much excitement and acceptance with every word she speaks. I am consistently drawn to her wisdom and perspective on the things in my life, regardless of the topic. I have consistently felt so loved and trusted by her. My current favorite memory is a simple one, from the last time she dropped me off at the airport in Boston. She said, “This friendship…it’s a good one.”


Katie Shinn

My friendship with Katie came at just the right time for both of us, and our lives can attest to that. We found some common ground in both fortunate and unfortunate areas, and both have helped us to grow as women. No one is a better spur-of-the-moment companion than Katie, who has always been up for anything. I treasure the way we can accept the other person through every experience. We’ve seen pretty good community theater, tried basically all of Denver’s coffee shops, and covered more topics in an hour than is reasonably possible. Katie is fiercely loyal and can always be counted upon for the love and acceptance of true friendship.


Chelsea Cobaugh

Chelsea and I initially met at a church service, after which she invited me over with a few other girls and we talked about Jesus. But Chelsea and I became close after she asked me to be in HER wedding a few years ago.

She is one of the most loyal people I’ve met, who initiates time together as much as I do :). We have spent innumerable hours watching reality shows and screaming at the tv together. But some of my favorite memories with Chelsea are when she was just present for me when I couldn’t even articulate my thoughts. She has provided a safe landing place for me, both emotionally and physically (with her comfortable couch and awesome blankets). The therapy of her friendship has been wonderful.